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With one of the longest reef breaks in the northern hemisphere, surfing is perhaps the most classically renowned activity that Punta Banco and the Pavones area offers. While Pavones is more famous for surfers to frequent, Punta Banco is farther outside of the mouth of Golfo Dulce so it gets more direct swells.

Image by Simone Dinoia

Explore Nature

The area boasts 275 species of birds as well as innumerable varieties of butterflies, including the famed Blue Morpho. Three species of monkeys thrive at Sotavento, two of which are endangered; mantled howler monkeys (endangered), Central American squirrel monkey or Titi (endangered) and the white-throated capuchin or White Face.

Travel on

Low tide marks the opportunity to make it around "the rock" (Punta Banco) to explore the beaches to the south.  Take a guided horseback tour either on the beach or in the forest.  Stop along the way to swim in the gulf or in the river.


The Guaymí have a reservation in the mountains to the southeast of Punta Banco.  Travel on horseback to their village and experience a way of life that reaches back to an age of hemispheric innocence, before the arrival of the European colonizers. 

Horse riding in Costa Rica at the Caribbean in Punta Uva Beach_edited.jpg


The rocky coastline boasts a wealth of life in the tidal pools that are exposed at low tide. Swim in the quiet pools of water, or beachcomb miles of abandoned beaches. Gaze across the Golfo Dulce, the 10th deepest gulf in the world, to consider the Osa Peninsula on the other side and the open Pacific Ocean to the south of Cape Matapalo.

Yoga Retreat


Sotavento is surrounded by local yoga farms if you're looking to reconnect with nature through mind, body and spirit. 

Image by Maggie Collins

Fishing Tours

Guided fishing tours are provided by local fishermen in the area. Catch a variety of fish including marlin, sailfish, dorado, snook, and roosterfish. You'll occasionally get an exciting glimpse of a humpback whale breaking through the surf. While we can't guarantee when you see the whales, we can guarantee that you'll have a great time building memories on these spectacular excursions.

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